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August 2, 2023

It’s no use you looking at the pictures on this website and saying how much you’d love to own a lodge here at Whitsand Bay Fort, you really need to see for yourself.

While you’re just talking about it, other people are checking their savings accounts, setting their sat-navs and preparing to come here before our very limited supply of lodges runs out.

Perhaps bitter experience has shown them that if they don’t act quickly, the things they desire can be snatched away from them by others who were quicker off the mark and pipped them to the post.

So if you’re sitting there telling your loved-ones that you’ve never seen a lodge in such a stunning setting, or wish you were at Whitsands enjoying those endless sandy beaches, we have a suggestion for you: come here and say that!

Our team have heard it all before. After all, the view sells our lodges for us but they’ll be able to show you around, discuss the details, and help you find a way to have your way and secure a lodge at Whitsand Bay Fort.

Call our sales team now on 01752 822597.

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February 29, 2024

Why buy a lodge at Whitsand Bay Fort when I could buy a cheaper one elsewhere?

Good question. But the answer depends on the sort of person you are.