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August 2, 2023

If all you want is a lodge and you don’t care where it is, you could certainly find an identical lodge, or one very like it, somewhere else in the UK. And cheaper.

But, just like a house, it’s where you put the lodge that counts.

It’s a matter of location, location, location, plus the demand there is, to live there.

If you could pick up a £200,000 house in Plymouth and transplant it right into the middle of Mayfair, it would instantly be worth millions.

But you can’t, because the price of land to put it on in Mayfair is prohibitive, and there’s a constant queue of rival buyers for whom money is no object.

More people will always aspire to live in Mayfair than Plymouth, if they have the money, so the price of the same house, brick-for-brick, will always be so much higher.

The same applies here at Whitsand Bay Fort.

The people who buy our lodges know very well they could buy an identical lodge somewhere else – but they don’t want to be somewhere else, they want to be here.

They don’t see their lodge as a mere roof over their head and who cares what it’s like outside; they see their lodge as a chance to live it up in one of the most spectacular locations inCornwall.

Enid Blyton didn’t have her middle-class characters spending their school holidays in Middlesborough, or Scunthorpe, but chose instead to send them to Cornwall – a county of romance, mystery, and tales of smugglers.

Lashings of ginger beer just wouldn’t taste the same in a muddy field in Macclesfield, however much cheaper it might be to stay there,

It’s not hard to imagine EnidBlyton falling in love with Whitsand Bay Fort, either.

Perched high on the cliffs, bang in the middle of a bay blessed with endless sandy beaches, whoever stays at Whitsand Bay Fort can feel master or mistress of all they survey.

What tales the secret tunnels and underground passages could tell!

Have those spectacular sunsets ever looked the same, twice?

And why are people who could afford to buy a lodge almost anywhere else so determined to have one here?

Perhaps they enjoy being seen as the folk who live on the hill, people the cliff-dwellers in the primitive holiday huts below literally look up to.

Perhaps they can’t get enough of the truly panoramic views, the light shimmering on the sea, the endlessly-changing show that Nature puts on for them, right in front of their privileged eyes.

Or perhaps they’re simply shrewd enough to see their lodge as a lucrative investment – a valuable asset they can let out at premium rates throughout the long holiday season.

So, are you going to Google “lodges in muddy fields in Macclesfield” or are you going to set your sights somewhat higher and find out more about life and lodges here at Whitsand Bay Fort?

The view alone will sell the lodge to you, so call our sales team now on 01752 822597 and let your adventure begin!

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